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The Activity Report of KESH sh.a. 2013 - 2016 The Activity Report of KESH sh.a. is a summary of all the activities of Albanian Power Corporation during 2013 – 2016. In this report you may find detailed information regarding the data of the utilization of three HPPs located over the Drin River cascade, under the management of KESH sh.a.  You will also get acquainted with the indicators related to the power trading reflected in the financial and energy balance sheet of the corporation. This report presents detailed information regarding well – management of the corporate in relation to institutional and operational developments as well as investments made for the maintenance and safety of hydro-power plants of KESH sh.a. click here

Fierza 2015 is a summary of technical data and indicators of the design and operation of FierzaHPP over the years. The document briefly explains the hydropower potential of this plant, schematically outlining the location and general layout of the hydropower plant and providing data on the production indicators and regular activity for the maintenance of equipment and machineries. The document also lists and describes the new investments focused on civil works with hydropower plants (maintenance and rehabilitation), as well as electro-mechanical interventions (new equipment/machinery or rehabilitations). For more information, click here .


Komani 2015 is an information brochure providing technical data and indicators on the design and operation of this HPP over the years. This brochure describes what this hydropower plant represent and provides details on KESH main investments, which made 2015 become “a year of changes” even for KomanHPP. It also provides data on the location, hydropower potential, and the historical developments starting from the construction of the largest hydropower plant in Drini river cascade. For more information click here.


Vau i Dejës 2015 describes the activities over the years at the first hydropower plant constructed in Driniriver, including accurate data on its location and layout. This brochure provides a detailed summary of the technical indicators of the design and operation of VauiDejësHPP over the years. There you can also find information on the activities of this HPP during 2015, including the investments made to increase the security of the plant, production efficiency and improvement of the working conditions. For more information,click here.